Publications of Aurélie Justwan

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Scientific Papers:

Justwan, A. & Koç, N. (2008). A diatom based transfer function for reconstructing sea ice concentrations in the North Atlantic. Marine Micropaleontology, Volume 66, Issues 3-4, 264-278.

Justwan, A., Koç, N. & Jennings, A. (2008). Evolution of the Irminger and East Icelandic Current systems through the Holocene, revealed by diatom based sea surface temperature reconstructions. Quaternary Science Reviews (in press)

Conference Participations:

Poster Presentations:

Justwan, A., Koç, N.,  Jennings, A. & Stoner, J. (2005). Variability of the Irminger current during the Holocene.. AGU Annual Meeting, San Francisco. Poster # PP33B-1566

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